High-End Urban Studios

Work & live

During the day, these spacious, privately furnished 25 m² studios offer the efficiency of a professional office, while in the evening they can be transformed into a cosy living room.

To achieve this dual business/living room atmosphere, the LED lighting has been designed with a dimmer switch allowing exclusive cove lighting with a wide choice of colours.

A stunning multi-purpose table in black glass, of Italian design, can be transformed from a coffee table to an office table or a dining table

BCC Urban Studios Studio haut de gamme
BCC Urban Studio Porte blindée

High sound insulation and safety

Security is assured. Each studio is equipped with a 100 kg door, highly soundproofed with burglar-proof system class 3 (ENV1627-1 and fire-proof EI30 according to European standard EN 1634-1 and Swiss standard AEAI).

Each studio is built to the stringent acoustic requirements of the SIA 181 standards.

A single programmable key, the personalised electronic transponder, allows access to all areas: the entrance to the building, the communal area, the individual mailbox, the studio and the cellar where the large personal cupboards are located.

Multi-purpose wall

Sofa bed – Dressing room – Bookcase

An elegant and discreet white lacquered wall hides its game along the entire length and height of one of the studio walls.

Behind this beautiful folding wardrobe wall, no one can imagine that a robust but cosy double bed with a soft mattress is hidden, as well as a mini-dressing-room-library allowing the tenant to adapt the room to his individual needs: work, meetings, rest, leisure.

Canapé lit studios urbain à louer
Cuisine studios urbain à louer

Stylish kitchenette

Une kitchenette discrète dans laquelle les appareils sont encastrés dans des façades sobres et élégantes.

Elle est équi­pée d’une poubelle totalement invisible ainsi que d’un petit évier affleurant le plan de travail très design mais ultra-robuste.

L’équipement est complété par de la vaisselle, des couverts, une bouilloire, un micro-ondes, d’un réfrigérateur, ainsi que d’une machine à café, ceci afin de garantir une certaine indépendance au locataire.

Comfortable mini spa

A richly equipped bathroom that invites you to relax:

  • Spacious and illuminated shower area of 90 x 90 cm
  • Large tropical shower head with hand shower
  • Black lacquered storage unit under a white design sink
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Asymmetrical mirror for full view


Elements that meet all the comfort requirements that one can expect from a 5-star bathroom.

Spa douche BCC studios urbain
Canapé avec TV studios urbain à louer


The equipment includes a 43″ UHD Wi-Fi flat screen TV connected to the gigabit multimedia wired network with numerous RJ45 and HDMI sockets, all pre-wired invisibly.

The tenant can also adjust the brightness and temperature of the room light with the various dimmers and remote controls provided.

The electrical panel is pre-equipped with an RJ45 Patchpanel so that the resident can install their own professional or company Wi-Fi access point and multimedia.

Street-Art: an artistic touch

To bring an artistic note, to further embellish these Urban-Studios while giving them a touch of personalisation and colour, each studio conceals a painting by a renowned photographer who hides behind his back another painting: that of electricity and computers.

Each of these paintings is different and tells the story of a small piece of street life captured by the artist’s experienced eye, which reveals humour, emotion, a touching slice of life, human, without judgment: Street-Art.

Tableau art Urban studios à louer

Comfort, hygiene and environment

The BCC is irreproachable from the point of view of comfort, hygiene and environment, because air:

is pulsed, renewed, filtered and depolluted, permanently 24 hours a day,
is cleaner than that sucked in from outside,
is air-conditionedin summer, heated in winter.

The BCC is protected to the maximum against the spread of viruses and other pollutants.
No air molecules from one studio pass into another or into the lounge and vice versa.
The electricity for the ventilation and air conditioning is of solar photovoltaic origin.